Delivery from USA to Bishkek - 1062 som/kg (200 gram minimal weight)


Orders with Our Help (we pay for your order using our credit card) - 7% from order value ($5 minimum)

* final cost depends on the exchange rate at the moment of payment


Volumetric/Dimensional and Actual Weight

Transportation cost is calculated based on the actual or volumetric weight (no rounding). We use the greater of the two values.

The formula for calculating the volumetric weight (in kg) of a box:
Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000

* updated 02.03.2017

- on, the minimum comission of $5 applies to orders from every single vendor.

- the minimum delivery cost of each individual parcel (with a separate tracking number) is $2 (this applies to both Independent Orders and Orders with Our Help).

For example, if you receive 2 packages (one weighing 1 kg, while the second - 50 g), the total delivery cost will be $12 + $2 = $14.

When calculating the cost of delivery of the following goods we use rounding to 1 kg per unit (if the good weighs less than 1 kg):

  • mobile phones (including used, not working, etc.);
  • tablets;
  • E-readers;
  • mp3-players;
  • cameras and camcorders;
  • DVRs;
  • other small electronics;
  • wrist watches and smart watches.