Q: Why shop in the US? What's the point?

A: Many people know the excellent price-quality ratio of goods sold in the US. When shopping with US stores, you can be sure you will get goods of excellent quality at the lowest price. In addition, you should not forget about HUGE sales up to 90%.


Q: Why do you need a copy of my passport?

A: Passport copies are requested by customs officers during customs clearance procedure.


Q: Why are your services so cheap?

A: Our company partners with one of the largest and most trusted carriers from the USA to the CIS. This allows us to receive low prices for transportation from the USA to Kyrgyzstan.


Q: I would like to place orders myself. What is needed for this?

A: First of all, you need to have a credit/debit card issued by commercial bank with sufficient funds to and then follow these instructions.


Q: Can I trust online stores? Will my funds be safe?

A: Online shopping around the world, and especially in the US, is gaining momentum. Large number of online stores is based on Internet trading only. To such shops, clients’ reviews are of utmost importance, as it is very easy to find any negative information on the Internet. In addition, US Law strictly regulates their activities. Our list of online stores contains the most popular sites where you can find any products you are interested in. If you want to place an order in an online store that is not on this list, we will help you with this.